Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Konstanz-ly Cute

Maybe I overuse the word cute. It has been pointed out to me. But I especially couldn't help myself in
Konstanz, Germany. The town is just so...cute! But really, everything about the old town (and the Old Old town) was adorable. The fountain with little wacky animals spitting out water under the watchful eye of a gigantic horse, the coloured buildings and accompanying shutters, the narrow cobblestoned alleys in the oldest part of town... and all set on a sparkling blue lake complete with mountains rising up behind it like a water colour painting. Its easy to see why our friends Gina and Lasse fell in love with the spot.

Konstanz is in Southern Germany. Its actually the only part of Germany that is South of the Rhine. And if you draw the line between Northern and Southern Germany along the Rhine, as our friend Gina does, then, quite logically, Konstanz definitely holds claim to be considered the only “real” Southern Germany. That’s one of the things we love about Gina, she's super funny and sees things differently then most people do. Anyway. We liked the thought. AND, by these new parameters, it was our first time in Southern Germany! Trailblazing? Check!

Along with the mighty Rhine and Lake Konstanz itself, Konstanz town borders Switzerland as well. We walked there one night. To Switzerland. Mostly because we could. There are little street-sign-like-signs along the otherwise invisible border. One side says Germany, the other, Switzerland. That and the twenty-two curious red sculptures that were installed where the international border once stood guarded, are the only indication that you've left the country. It was so funny to hear Gina and Lassse talk so casually about how they went for a run in Switzerland. Oh, Europe and your borderless borders. We love you.

For such a small city (approx 80,000 people) there is a lot to keep one entertained in Konstanz. The lakeside Beer Garden being among the most fun ways to while away a gorgeous, sunny afternoon. Drinking tall, cold, yummy beers, watching the mountains that surround the lake fade into and out of the distant haze. It was a rough stop for us, that beautiful Konstanz. The mountains themselves were a bit of a puzzle. You could see them just fine, but if you tried to take a picture of them, they would disappear like ghosts on the picture play-back! It was one of the many times when travelling that a picture really couldn't do the scene justice.

If you hadn't noticed from our Czech blogs, tasting local lagers (and perhaps a few stouts) was high on our priority list this trip. Luckily we had Lasse, a beer connoisseur and, in our opinion, local beer expert to aid us in this quest in Konstanz. We loved tasting different kinds of German beer all in their proper glasses. Lasse is even part of a beer club and gets shipped different beers every month. Amazing. Do we have this in Canada? We should. Another great place to sample beers, since we're on the topic, is Gina and Lasse's terrace. The fact that its referred to as a terrace itself is fantastic enough for me. Up a spiral staircase and you're in a private little enclave surrounded by cool looking, very European feeling, buildings. Sitting up there, enjoying the surroundings and a tasty Dunkel
soaking up the undeniable feeling- yup, I'm in Germany. And its awesome.

Thanks again to Gina and Lasse for hosting us, drinking beer with us, all the Konstanz suggestions and of course, your general awesomeness (Is this a word yet? It should be.) And now I'm over-using the word awesome...

P.S- Sorry this blog post is SO late! We're catching up now- I promise!


Penelope Pomes said...

Awesome!! I think I'll have a beer now..... on my own dock style terrace overlooking the pristine waters of the Georgian Bay with the Boreal Forest in the background.!

Gerry Beery said...

Thanks for this awesome blog post, and also for visiting! Gina & Lasse