Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Shape by Any Other Name

The people who live around Lake Konstanz love their lake, and with good reason. Its a beautiful place to be. They also seem to love the shape of their lake. We didn't notice the extent of this love until Gina pointed it out- and then, as  it goes- we couldn't STOP noticing all the places the outline of the oddly shaped lake appeared. On jewellery, cookies, clothes, magnets, posters, beer bottles...

If you didn't realize that this shape was in fact the outline of the lake, it would be an intriguingly odd thing to see everywhere. J thinks is looks like a squashed frog (nice). I'm more inclined to say a downward swimming scuba diver (if you squint at the map below, I'm sure you'll see it my way)? Either way, its up for interpretation, and its definitely a conversation starter if you're ever lucky to find yourself in this gorgeous spot.

Now that we've been home from this Europe trip for a while, the beloved lake has popped up one more place.. on our fridge! And our home-made Beer Label Magnet Collection (now that's a mouthful!) is all the better for it!

             Here's the shape of the lake from Google Maps... What do you think?

1 comment:

Gina said...

Definitely a squashed frog. Lasse says diver though.