Thursday, April 30, 2015

Amigos Ecuatorianos in Deutchland

We met Bozi and Martina in 2013 when we were all travelling in Ecuador. We became fastfriends, and lucky for us, it stuck. We were also lucky to be meeting both Bozi and Martina in Chemnitz, Germany, where Bozi lives. We were really looking forward to seeing them again! With Bozi acting as our knowledgeable tour guide we explored Chemnitz, the surrounding countryside and Dresden. We picnicked by the lakes, discovered a mini castle, ate lots of ice cream, tasted the local brew and got and insiders view on Eastern Germany.

Plus, Chemnitz used to be called Karl Marx Town (even though he had never been there) so we got to see the world's biggest sculpture of his head! This is him, photo bombing our group picture!

It was a super fun weekend in two beautiful German cities with two great friends. The only bad thing was that it was over too soon!

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Penelope Pomes said... make the funniest faces!!LOL the photo bomb of karl Marx is hysterical!! the blossoms look very much like the ones in the Niagara Parks..