Saturday, December 17, 2011

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Each of you really helped make this one of the best times for us yet!

Laura & Rosemary; Adam; Hazel & Brent; Kathy & Steve; Maureen & Maurice; Josh, Sharon & Jade (congratulations on the engagement!); Dave & Bron; Sophie; Jac & Josh; Jacqui; Sandra; Joel & Sonia; Ani, Rini & Indir; Dalen & Abbie; 100 Day Crew; Banana; Taylor; Steven; Swedish Couple; Haberstocks; Satit & family; Didi & Sunshine School; Saba, Jock, At & Phout; Randall; Tobias; Luba; Lis, Ian & Libby; Mark & Rachael; Paul & Dorothy; Attila & Candy; Sophie & David; China-boy on the bus; Mila & Quiz-Night Friends; Zhouyue Students; Marvin; Vikramjit, Raj, IFM & EM; Amritsar Family; Mr and Mrs Sandhu & family; Mr and Mrs Ram & family; Mommyjit; Everyone else who welcomed us in Ashok Nagar; Ladies of the Shack; Kevin & Vicky; Marco & Nadine; Couple in NZ who brought us the coffee cake; Amy & Mike; Antonio & Andreas; Mark & Claire; The Nepal Threesome; Aunt Eileen & Uncle Trevor; Pappy; David, Holli & Jake; Rosie & Jane; Jean, Trevor & family; Everyone who read our blog; All our family and friends for your support and blog comments; and Sarah and Ed for getting married on October 2nd and starting this great time off!


sarah adie towle said...

<3 <3 <3

So excited to see you two!!

vikramjit singh said...

Namaste to all our canadian family with love.Today we are glad & feel pride that you remember your Indian family at every moment.Really it's great.We congrates you for completing your wonderful world tour & wish to come again India in near future and please do'nt say thank you! because in India 'no sorry' 'no please' 'no thankyou' because every thing is possible!!! Ha.....ha....ha....