Friday, December 16, 2011

The Chimp (and her Hairy Husband) are Loose in London

As expected, we had a blast in London with Lis and Libby. The first thing we did, after arriving in London town was hop straight over to a proper English pub for some tasty pub grub. Welcome to a typical Thursday night in London. Well done, us, we were experiencing the culture already!

And we didn't stop there! It was a very cultural weekend, indeed. Friday morning began with a big Ole' cuppa tea. Because, while in London, I was dedicated to all things English, you see. We went to the Christmas market 'Winter Wonderland' in Hyde Park, which was perhaps slightly more German than British, but it was a British interpretation of a German Christmas market anyways. I know this because there were significantly fewer stalls selling meat on a stick and more selling fried bits saturated in sugar. British, I say.

Later that afternoon, because we have amazingly important friends, we had our very own private tour of the Parliament building! It was absolutely amazing and so interesting. Eli, our tour guide knew everything-most importantly the scandalous tibits, and even after an hour and a half -I still wanted to hear more. Fascinating stuff- like a clock given to the Queen by Mary Antoinette, where all the single ladies sat to display themselves to the Lords in Court and where William Wallace was put on trial!!

After all that learning, Libby decided we needed another cup of tea (of course we did!) and took us to the cafe at the National Gallery for traditional High Tea. It was delightful! Laughter, sandwiches, scones and sweets... and tea of course, enjoyed with a view over the massive Christmas, glittering tree in Trafalger Square! How lucky we are.

Libby and ourselves scooted up to Picadilly Circus (no tigers) next to meet up with Lis' boyfriend Ian and go to the concert. What concert? Not only are our friends super cool, but they are also super talented. Lis plays the violin in an orchestra and they were performing that night at St James' church! Awesome, right? It was a fantastic night of great music, finishing off with a wonderful Anderson Christmas medley that had us humming all the way to the post-concert pub. Of course our second and last night in London came to a close in an old, atmosphere pub! It was a weekend of, and intriguing lesson in, British culture, after all.

We has such a wonderful time with Lis, Libby and Ian. We are so lucky to have met Lis and Libby in Vietnam, and to have stayed friends with them since then, and hopefully for a long time to come. We have such a great time whenever we are with them! It was far too short of a visit, sadly, but thanks to our friends, our two days in London really packed a British punch. Culturally, I mean.

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Joel and Sonia said...

Wow! Look at Jonathan's hair!

Yeah, we feel for you trying to get readjusted to Western culture. Half a year later and we still aren't back -- can only imagine what it'll be for you!