Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kids Say (or write) More of the Darnedest Things

Learning can be fun and games are a great way of actualizing this. Teaching English in Asia (and probably everywhere else, too) presents the challenge of encouraging and helping the students pronounce words and sounds accurately. One way we have been helping them to focus on proper pronunciation is by playing the telephone game. The class is split into two teams and into the first person's ear we whisper a sentence. That person and everyone after has to whisper into the next person's ear until, finally, the message reaches the last person, the one at the back of the room, and he or she runs to the front of the class and writes the sentence as it was received on the chalkboard. One small mispronunciation along the line can produce some pretty weird sentences, words and grammar.

My favourite round of telephone happened to be when we relayed the message She is walking a dog. The first team ran up to the board quite quickly. The trouble with their strategy, though, was that they concentrated on speed rather than accuracy. In haste the little boy confidently scribbled down He is walking a door. At least his spelling was correct...

My second favourite round of telephone was the I kissed the cat round. Again, one team swiftly recorded the message on the chalkboard: I castrated the cat. Poor little guy...the cat, that is.

Thank you again to Didi and everyone else who welcomed us so warmly at Sunshine School. We are happy to hear that the Open House went just swimmingly.


Sarah said...

Awe awesome. Poor kitty cat but great vocab for the kids... castrate, impressive.
Funny thing, at first glance, looking at the shot with Jon and the class, I thought the girl's hair in front of him was his beard. I was thinking it got even bushier.
Miss you two!

Anonymous said...

Hello you happy rovers. Really enjoyed all the fun pics of the kids and yourselves. Kid's do say the darndest things. We play that game at kid's club, and there are some rarities at the end of the queue. With so many whisker tuggers, you will soon look like Noah. We're all in grand form. Work and play going much as usual. We think of you often, and we pray for your safety and happy sojourns.We have just talked with your Pappy on the phone. He is in great form, and as always a pleasure to chat with him. Josh Sharon Jade and us all well. God Bless Love from us all in NewZealand

Anonymous said...

Your telephone game reminded of
another. Army recruits had to pass the message along the line" Send reinforsements, we are going to advance." The last in the line
reported," Send reinforsements,we are going to a dance !"
We all enjoy your blogs and you are good at keeping us imformed. Best wishes.