Monday, March 28, 2011

It's in the mail...

Postcards: all filled out and ready to be mailed to you, our faithful readers! Be excited!

Two days, and four huge chai teas later = 39 postcards!

Sure sign you are in a country who's government is corrupt? The lady at the actual Official government post office sells stamps for twenty five more cents EACH than the value of the stamp! Tomorrow's task: attempt to bargain with the not-so-happy-stamp-seller at the Siem Reap Post Office to get a deal on stamps! Who knew buying stamps could be so exciting?! We'll keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

Is there a like button like on facebook lol--Jess

Anonymous said...

Hi J and K,Just reeceived your latest which is much smaller than usual.It was posted at 2.39 am, so maybe you couldn't keep awake to say more! Good to know you are still enjoying your travels. Your Dad,J, was telling me he has got a new car and it looks super.
I look forward to your blogs
and each one is always different and interesting.
Best wishes.

airica said...

ooooooooo i hope i get one!!!