Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Gingerbread Man

Yesterday was my day, with the chocolate, and today Jonathan got to experience one (of the few) sweets he enjoys. In Torun we went to a gingerbread museum and made our very own gingerbread from scratch with traditional medieval gingerbread bakers (and a gingerbread witch who threatened us with a wart on our tongues if we divulged her secret gingerbread recipe!). Needless to say, we were the only adults there. We had to sneak in with a Grade 4 Polish class trip!

After finding out all the secret ingredients, we mixed it all together, rolled it out and pressed it into moulds. Just as the delicious smell started to waft from the oven we discovered that we had made 'show' gingerbread that we couldn't eat!! Don't worry. We bought re-inforcements. You should have seen Jonathan in his glory smelling all the spices and fighting the kids for the best rolling pin!

Pictures to follow. AND, we will probably let you look at our certificates proclaiming "Jonathan and Kristen from Canada" as trained gingerbread officials. We plan to frame and proudly display them upon returning home.


Mom and Dad Mooney said...

WE will expect a demo of what your skills in Gingerbread making are. Looking forward to the pictures

Anonymous said...

what no gingerbread cottage?

Anonymous said...


oh and oliver too!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kristen I'm sure you fit in perfectly with the grade 4 class. Did you have to answer any difficult gingerbread questions.

Karly said...

cant wait too see pictures ... i dont think it can top our gingerbread house at christmas kristen.. fully furinshed!! lol i miss ya guys,... glad ur havin a great time!!! luv the georgian trained chef!!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blogs - you make all your experiences sound like the adventure of a lifetime - I am always eager to read the next post. STM teach