Tuesday, May 13, 2008

E. Wedel = my hero

So, we just got back from dinner. At E. Wedel. The chocolatier. I had a hot chocolate made of, get this: MELTED CHOCOLATE! So delicious! We had one traditional and one mint chocolate. This is what it says in the menu about the traditonal 'drinking chocolate.' "true Wedel ecstasy for your mouth that will take you to a world of dreams and desires." After I finished the first cup, I desired more.

We are in Warsaw now, heading to Torun tomorrow. We unfortunately are going to skip the Mazurian Lake District, as only one bus goes there a day, and not until late afternoon, and it takes a while.

We went to Auschwitz yesterday, on a less delicious note. Finding the right word/words to describe it is difficult. I want to say evocative and heavy, but neither quite seem right. I'll have to contemplate until June, I guess.


Anonymous said...

We miss you.
Are you bringing some of that chocolate home for us to sample?
love, the Parentals!

Emily said...

mmmmmmm chocolate!! who could resist a menu like that!

Anonymous said...

Chocolate !!!! Why does this not surprise me. Is there choc everywhere you go ????

Why can't i write in the name field???

The father