Saturday, April 19, 2008

Walled-in in Dubrovnik

Its official: we are in Dubrovnik. We flew from Pearson to Frankfurt, Germany. Then we flew to Dubrovnik, Croatia. The plane rides were painless enough. While we pictured arriving in a sun-soaked paradise, Dubrovnik welcomed us with drizzly, overcast weather. Still, it was shockingly perfect.

We are staying in a few steps outside the Old Town, which is surrounded by a 2kilometer long, 15th Century wall. Pretty nice. The view from our bedroom window is a jaw-dropper. And, the big spenders that we are, we even picked a room with a refrigerator!

After we got here, we wandered around the Old town for a while. Within 24 hours, guess who we had met? Bennie! Thats right. Ben missed me so much that he found his way across the ocean to Croatia to beg for some chicken scraps. Guess Dads been cheaping out on the treats. So, seriously. We find this deserted pier over looking the ocean, and out runs our first little stray cat. He looks like a fluffier, scrapier Bennie. After I gave him some of my lunch meat, he crawled up onto the backpack on Jons packpack and tried to break in and steal some more!

We went to bed super early last night, being exhausted from the flight and slept in until 9:30 this morning! A record I think.

We walked all the way around the walls today. It probably takes the average person about an hour, but it took us over three, because Kristen took 150 pictures. Thats literally.

Then we walked to the "new" town and stumbled upon a stone beach, like in Nice. That was fun. There were 5 million dogs there, not surprisingly. It was surprising though, that they almost all had collars on!

Durbovnik is really beautiful. There are cliffs that the waves crash onto (like the ones outside our bedroom window) and cute little alley ways with cafes, and like every single window has shutters!

Tomorrow we are headed to the island of Korcula. We ve decided to cut out Mostar in Bosnia, unfortunately. Edi doesnt think we should go.

We had picked out 9 wonderfully beautiful Kristen-originals to post with this, and put them on the computer and everything. Blogger doesnt seem to want to load them though. Guess we should have bought a laptop.. OH, I have an idea! Why dont all you people who love our pictures gang up and buy us a MAC air for next trip! lol (ps. We cant find the apostrophe, so that is why our grammer is lacking, well one of the reasons!)


Sarah said...

I like that you two flip back and forth between writing... I'm biting at the bit waiting for pictures of beautiful Crotia.. as well as you two lovebirds... and bernie the cat!

Parentals said...

Glad to hear all is well in Croatia. It could have been Bernie...with all the nice weather here, he has escaped a few times.
hope to see pics next time.
love, the Parentals

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the start of your trip has gone so good. Looking forward to pictures.Keep the posts comming.
Dad M