Sunday, April 20, 2008


Our first view of Bosnia-Hercegovina!

Surprisingly, we have changed our plans last second.. just to keep you on your toes! We decided last minute to come to Mostar, in Bosnia-Hercegovina! It is remarkable, and remarkably shocking. On the bus ride here we met a lady from Sarajevo, eho was telling us about the war and how they could only go out at night, and even then they were risking their lives!

Anyways, there are reminders of the war everywhere, like bullet holes inthe buildings (the ones that arent rubble atleast). Its very unnerving to see it.

Time is running out, so thats all Im going to write, but we have a solution for everyone. We are going to try and remember to take pictures at a low pixel setting so that we are able to post some. The 10 megapixel wouldnt load, SOOOO today we remembered to take one picture.. but tomorrow is another day.

Hvar tomorrow!! (probably...maybe)


Parentals said...

We're going to call you the 'drifters' or maybe the 'happy wanderers'... well I hope you're still happy with all the changing of plans. But that is the plan, right? no plans!!

Mom and Dad Mooney said...

We've just come in from the sun to find another post complete with picture. Sounds like you're having fun and getting a history lesson as well.