Thursday, November 19, 2015

Snack Time in Juayua

Its snack time in Juayua, El Salvador! Lucky us! We stop in what has become our favourite bakery,
and get: a frozen coffee topped with whip cream and caramel sauce ($2), a huge glass of ice cold lemonade ($1) a slice of an El Salvadorian version of pavlova (60cents), and a pineapple pastry (20 cents). So.... $3.80 cents later we (J: "We"... that cookie thing in front of me was placed there only for the duration of the photo) are blissfully chowing down on delightful treats at little wood tables artistically painted with tropical animals. All while enjoying the view of the town park across the street. 'Soooo good!' I say, when we've licked our plates clean. 'Let's do it again!'

1 comment:

Penelope Pomes said...

Yum!and always enjoyed more with a view and fancy table setting. Your smiles say it all!