Friday, November 06, 2015

La Bastilla Ecolodge- The Actual Fun Part


It was love at first sight for us with La Bastille Ecolodge- and that was before we had even seen our night's accommodation!

We had opted for a first class camping experience. We had read between the lines. When Karel
showed us to our tent platform- we knew we had interpreted the website's description perfectly. Our 6 person Coleman tent had a double mattress in it and towels that were fashioned into flowers sitting on top of a cozy looking fleece. Were we actually somewhere that would get chilly enough for us to require a blanket at night? How exciting! Also, on our large platform was an open air bathroom complete with a hot water shower and some nifty artwork. It was the front of our platform that really stole our hearts- a wide terrace with 2 wooden rocking chairs jutting out over the valley and surrounded by some of the most stunning scenery we had ever seen. To make it even more impressive, the entire property had been designed so that everyone's terrace faced a different direction, so not only did you have a disarmingly beautiful vista- but you felt like you had it all to yourself. And, truth be-told- we kind of did have it all to ourselves. Other than us, there was 1 other guest at the Ecolodge! Sigh. paradise.

Our love affair was only confirmed as the afternoon progressed. The only sounds to be heard was that of exotic birds and rustling palms. Butterflies that I had only ever seen before in conservatories fluttered about. There were bright little lizards that sometimes popped in for a visit. And for the first time on our entire trip- I considered putting on long sleeves. We went on a gorgeous hike up through the coffee plants that offered spectacular panoramas in every direction. The coffee was freshly roasted, and free, as were the delicious daily made fruit juices. The days were spent sitting on our porch, not wanting to do anything that would force us to tear our gazes away from the view. Evening started with yummy food, and a cold beer and wound down with us back on our rocking chairs, watching the fireflies flit about through the trees. It was absolute perfection.

It was probably a good thing that a few days later, a group was checking in and taking over the entire resort, forcing us to have to vacate our dream tent- otherwise, we may have never left. Maybe a piece of us never did...

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Penelope Pomes said...

I think the term for first class camping is "glamping". All the comforts of home in a camping experience.. Awesome!!!