Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Would the Real J Mooney Please Stand Up?

It was Uncle Dan who brought the issue up, which is funny. Usually the role of worrying falls strictly on the laps of Gramma and Mom. Either way, the puzzling predicament has now been brought to light, for us all to ponder:

How is Jonathan going to get back into Canada?

Under which highly unlikely circumstances might this problem arise, you may ask?

Exhibit A: J's passport pic 
                                          Exhibit B: J last week


Sonia said...

hilarious how much he has changed....I'd say he looks totally different with the beard. Why not hold a beard-shaving-ceremony before you come back if you think customs in Canada will hassle you? PS Joel is growing a beard now in solidarity with Wolfman Jack.

Parentals said...

good thing you have some connections with Canada Customs!
Sonia has a good idea - a beard shaving ceremony and HAIR CUT of course. What do you think Moses?

Mom and Dad Mooney said...

K -I think you should have Aunty Eileen make J an appointment with her hairdresser and make everyone happy to see both your smiling faces!

Anonymous said...

Hi J and K.
Somebody has a good sense of humour, but it will take more than a sense of humour to get him back into Canada !! Maybe we can do something to help when he comes to us in Ireland,that is, if they let him in. Here's hoping !

Anonymous said...

I think this calls for drastic action...I will make that appointment immediately Cathy!!
A Eileen

Anonymous said...