Monday, March 21, 2011

Kid's Say the Darnedest Things

It was our first day at Sunshine and we were simply observing Saba's Grade Three class. She was reviewing with her class how to form a question in Present Continuous Tense. Don't worry if you can't remember what Present Continuous Tense is: there won't be an English test at the end of this post...if you're lucky! Anyway, Saba has a bit of an artistic flare and uses her talent to help teach her students. In this particular class, there were four drawings on the wipe board.

Drawing number one illustrated a woman reading a book. Correspondingly the question was What is she reading? Actually, it was the Asian equivalent of the above question: "What she is reading?" Drawing number two illustrated a man eating. The bright kids quickly came up with What is he eating? Drawing number three rightly invoked the question Why are you crying? Drawing number four, however, was a bit more ambiguous than the first three.

Just as I was thinking to myself What totalitarian dictator are you saluting? one of the kids put up his hand and said, "What are they smoking?" Saba and I looked at one another and smirked. It was funny, but it was even funnier because he was so earnest. Saba slightly modified the arm that was causing the confusion, but you can maybe see from the photo how it could have been misconstrued.

We have immensely enjoyed our time at Sunshine. The kids have melted us and the teachers have been so welcoming. See you next time, class.

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