Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eating our way through the Pasar Malaam


karly said...

Everything looks so yummy!! i wanna try!! i think there should b move of there culinary posts!

Sarah said...

marta made an appearance/ callout in your blog... I can't wait until I (or at least the Towle's) get a shout out... hint hint :)
I enjoyed the food blog.

Mom and Dad Mooney said...

Sounds like there could be some "friction in the kitchen" happening in the market! If you dont' want to share, you could always buy 2 of the chocolate ones!!
Luv ya

Airica said...

No chocolate covered jubejubes? Clearly you need to introduce this into thier culture asap maybe chocolate covered dried strawberries would taste like it? ok now I want chocolate. Love the post and the pictures! xoxo

p.s. my mom told me there is a postcard waiting for me at home this weekend :) Not gonna lie I almost cried a little. miss you!