Friday, December 08, 2006

What We've Been Up Too...

This is in Aegina on one of their cool rock formations that they call a beach. The water was so clear and blue I thought that any moment a dolphin would start jumping around.

These are bags of pistachios from the pistacho capital of the world: Aegina. It is a Sarconic island about an hour from Athens. There are pistachios everywhere. For pistachio lovers it would be like Belguim was for me! Delicious!

This is a famous Santorini sunset. The sun is setting right over the volcano that once ruined the island, but is also the reason Santorini is so beautiful.

This is one of Santorini's black sand beaches. It is 9km long!

Jonathan, like Frasier, specializes in dog-human relations. On our walk along Santorini's black sand beach we picked up 7, yes 7, stray dog friends. They trotted ahead of us mostly, except for the suck up who heeled beside us for almost 2 hours. It was crazy. They even listened when Jon called them all over. Although, he was standing right in front of a dumpster, so they may have thought that he was going to throw them some bags. They chased cats, scared kids and drank salt water. It was great! If you ever come to greece, bring dog treats, you'll never be lonely!

This is Santorini's Red Beach. It is actually red! There is a cliff behind the beach that is red too. The 'sand' is mostly smooth round red rocks, but there is a little bit of red sand too.

This is Oia in Santorini. It is the most beautiful places on the island. Everything is white and perfect. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't so good that day, but it was still incredibly beautiful.

Look at the view this kitty has! He probably doesn't even appreciate it!

If you knew how mnay pictures I had like this, you would...actually probaly not be shocked. Its alot.

We are cute in Oia.

Don't worry, he doesn't jump. Another friend we picked up along the way.

Beautiful Oia.

I couldn't help it.

Another cute stray. They put food around Santorini for all the stray animals though. Its the Greek version of a humane society. The abundance of food really only translates into an abundance of poo on the sidewalks.

Our first view of Santorini up on the Caladera cliffs from the ferry ride in. The cliffs were so colourful, the houses so white; it was love at first sight.

This is an exciting picture, because it is the first time that I "swam in an ocean." By swimming I mean running into the water, falling backwards, getting a mouthfull of salty water, and running out before I could get eaten by a shark.

In Paros,.one of the Cycladic Islands, we rented a little 5-speed car and toured around the whole island. It took a tiny while for Jonathan to get used to the 5 speed, but a little practice in a beach parkinglot, and we were cruising with the locals, singing along with Greek music on the radio. Paros had quite a lot of beaches. Like in Finikoundas, we were usually the only ones there.

This is the beach opposite the harbour in Paros. It had weird looking ducks and a really yappy stray dog that chased cars and followed us around. Maybe there is some Urban Legend among stray dogs that if you follow someone long enough they will feel bad and adopt you or something.

This is so typically Cycladic that I had to post it. Can you believe that they still have such beautiful flowers in Decemeber? Everyone has them, too. Maybe it is a requirement. If so, its a good one.

This is Paros' windmill. Alot of Greek villages have windmills like this one. They are very picturesque, as you can see.


dad said...

Bennie likes the Kitty pictures.
He thinks they are related.

Glad that you practiced with the car near the beach, only have to worry about sea gulls.

karly said...

HEyy kristen and jon!!!
love the pics!!! cant wait till u come home!!! miss ya...

MOM P said...

First, I can't believe that all the ocean you have been around, that is the first time you swam in one Kristen.
And Jon...since in 90% of the pics you're wearing your blue sweater, you could put them all together and tell people you did all this traveling in one day.... well maybe not.. the longer hair and beard would give away that time has passed.
I want to go to Greece.
Love MOM

Mom Mooney said...

Isn't Greece where Atlantis was/is supposed to be? Where are those pictures? Greece is definatelyon our retirement trip. It was great to talk to you this morning.
Love Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Hey there!!!

It's been a while. I spoke to your mom the other day and she gave me your blogspot address. ( i forgot it again) Everything looks absoloutly amazing. Kristine and I are jealous about you going to England. We want to go sooo bad. Enjoy the rest of the trip. I'll keep checking your blos. Take care. Miss you both.


Bryan said...

Hey there!!!! It's been a while. I spoke to your mom the other day and she gave me your blogspot address. ( I forgot it again) Everywhere you've been looks amazing. Kristine and I are jealous of your upcoming trip to England. We would love to go there. I hope everything else is wonderfull. I'll keep checking your spot to see where you've been. Miss you both.


Bryan said...

sorry....i thought i erased the first one.


Uncle Stephen said...

I see that the 5-speed stick shift lessons Jonathan had in my Camaro IROC-Z came in handy with the rented car.

Uncle Stephen

Anonymous said...

omg the pictures are GORGEOUS!! So glad you are having an obviously fantastic time. Miss you lots and lots!!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that Kristen and Jon have to keep seeing stupid comments. Obviously this is not a money board or whatever it is you are trying to pretend it is. This is a spot about their trip. I am sure that the rest of us who enjoy reading their blog, would appreciate it, if you stop commenting about nothing. I guess they have to waste their time and interent to tell you again not to. Whom ever you are, you need to get a hobby and quit annoying my friends.

Thank you in advance and have a merry christmas.