Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Smart Londoners Don't Feed the Pigeons!

London. A city we weren't even planning to go to, ended up being our longest stay. There was just so much to do in London, we stayed all week! The National Gallery had a great assortment of the favourite Masters, from Manet to Picasso. The British Museum led us through Greek, Assyrian and Roman civilizations. I am not even going to ask why Britain has all these Masterpieces from other countries, or the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon because I got to see them for free!

Although I still maintain that 'Wicked' is the best show (ever), Jonathan really enjoyed Monty Python's 'Spamalot'. 'Spamalot' was based on the movie where King Aurthur and his knights wind up in a hilarious search for the Holy Grail. The Blue Man Group was a really different messy kind of experience with 3 bright blue men. Hence the name, I suppose. The Nutcracker was the first ballet that either of us had ever seen. We really enjoyed it. The music was really well done (or so Jonathan says) and the dancing was incredible. What I didn't realize is that the ballet is funny. They had costumes (not tu-tus) and were quite amusing. Don't worry though, the Sugar Plum Fairy was wearing a typical stiff tu tu like ensemble and her Prince was most definitly in tights. They were unbelievably graceful.

One of our favourite days on the enitre trip actually occured in London. Well, to be more accurate, about 25 minutes out of London in the company of my long-lost and found family, Jean and Trevor. We spent a wonderful day together drinking tea, eating at a great English pub, visiting family and learning about my Frost past. It turns out that I have some very creative family in England. Jean showed us her beautiful paintings and her daughter gave us a neat Christmas bag that she had made! (It wil be avaiable for showing upon my arrival home. Advance tickets can now be purchased.) The beautiful scarf Jean gave me (that she knit herself) turned out to be a vital piece of clothing in the cold London days to follow.

As was the case for the whole trip, we had wonderful weather in london (well, by London standards). It was grey and cloudy, but no rain! Despite the lack of snow, London provided some Christmas cheer. There was a huge Christmas tree in Trafalger Square and every night there was a different group of carollers singinng. Regent street was lit up with lights and cartoon characters. It is also the home to what must be the biggest toy store ever! 6 floors of toys! As Jon made a B-line to the boring boy floor, I watched employees show off magical magic markers, hover craft things, jewerlly sticker and magnet makers and amaze with magic tricks. How can boring X-Man figurines (Jonathan's floor) compare with real live Princess goodies, including dress, crown and your very own Prince Charming? (So I added the Prince Charming part in myself..but believe me, for a price Im sure this store could provide that too). There was a whole floor devoted to cuddly stuffed animals, some of which were life size! Like a little boy who's Christmas wish came true, Jonathan was able to pet a life size pony! (Jonathan's allergic to horses.)Don't worry, I documented the magical moment so we can later blow it up and frame it for him!

Sorry about the lack of pictures but Blogger won't let us upload them to the entry. We'll keep trying!


Jessica said...


Glad to hear that you are now in one spot for Christmas. Last night your gramma was so cute, telling how you don't have to wear sandles in the shower anymore....
I can't believe that you are going to be home so soon. Counting the days!!!! Miss you tons

MOM P said...

Don't worry about the pics ( although I miss them on the blog) but I'm sure we'll have a day long ( and night) marathon to view the entire phogrpahic journel of the European Adventures of J & K.

Anonymous said...
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