Saturday, December 30, 2006

Animals Abroad!

This is a special edition blog entry. It is made for all our furry friends (and thier human companions) back home. Especially Jeans, Camille, Xander, George and Hugo, who have enjoyed our other animal pictures so much,and Bailey,(the angel) Bennett (the newly appointed 'family' cat) and Oliver (Jess' favourite delinquent). We are still relaxing in Belfast with our favourite hosts. Today we went to the Belfast Zoo, Aladdin (the Pantomine) and out for a Pizza Hut dinner. The day of every kid's dreams (big kids too)! Do we have pantomines in Canada? Because they are SO much fun! Anyways, without furthur ado, here are some of our favourite European domestics!

This was from way back in Zandvoort in the Netherlands. This pup loved to play fetch in the water. He would swim out quite deep on a quest for the ball. Then he would return the ball to his owner, and shake off, sending wet dog water everywhere.

This is in the Cinque Terre, Italy. Italian kitties love thier sunbathing. This picture was even cooler, but Jonathan was taking so long to actually take the picture that those people walked in the way. Tourists!

This was a resident puppy of Pompeii. I guess Italian dogs like thier sun too. They slept all over the city, paying no attention to the tourists that invaded it.

These are our favourite Corfu-ian puppies, Lemon and Squirt. They have probably just discovered something extremely exciting (for them) like a hedgehog. As far as I am concerned, as long as it isn't another chicken, they can chase whoever they want!

Again, with Blogger ruining our fun. Don't worry furry friends, we have a whole folder of animal pictures for you when we get home! See everyone in a couple days!


lesleylovesparis said...

ah so cute! i think u could put some - well most of your photos in a contest and win!
cant wait to hear from you K when you get home!
safe trip

Bennie said...

Bennie says the kittie in Italy may be a friend from his college days.

Bennie said...

Bennie says the kittie in Italy may be a friend from his college days.

Jessica and Oliver said...

Hahaha, Oliver is the most well behaved, 2nd place in puppy school, I need to go back dog their is!!!! He is wonderful.....

Can't wait to see you soon..

MOM P & SIS P said...

so is this the farewell blog.... or should we expect a finale??

Anonymous said...

Simba and Tigger,

Give this Blog 2 paws wayyyy up!

See you guys on Thursday! :))))

Love, Hugs and Purrrs