Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ode to Belgian Chocolate

Many nights you have danced in my dreams
But now, I see you through the shop window
For too long we have been separated.
No more can this be!
I go inside only to again be separated from you.
Oh what I would give to be that glass counter!
Gazing at you day and night,
always near and never far.
I could smell always your sweet aroma.
But wait no longer, my love.
You have chosen me and I, you.
Together at last, me and you, you and me.
My heart will go on, Belgian Chocolate.


Sarah!! said...

i had no idea that you were a poet! that was truly awe-inspiring!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it

Chandra Lee said...

so i finally created my own profile....so i can read up on your adventure and post random comments! I love the way your blogs flow like a story.... miss you but happy your both having an awesome time!!!

lesleylovesparis said...

oh kris...ur amazing! i wish i could be there to share the chocolate..i still have some of that icecream we bought - maybe i'll eat that! love the blogs!

Anonymous said...

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