Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Northern Northern Ireland

I am sad to announce that this is our last post from Aunt Eileen and Uncle Trevor's house. Aunt Eileen was nice enough to drive us all over the northern coast today. We saw places we meant to see and a few that we didn't, all which were equally as interesting. I don't think that I have ever travelled so well! With who else, and where else for that matter, would you get hot tea, hours after leaving the house, from a thermos, sitting on the side of a road somewhere between Belfast and Ballymoney? Only with Aunt Eileen in Northern Ireland, and it was wonderful!

Some of the highlights of today are shown in the pictures. We visited Northern Ireland's most touristed site, The Giant's Causeway. Geologists tell the fable that this peculiar rock formation formed by volcanic eruptions and the cooling lava. In actual fact, its origins can be traced back to the handy work of the 52 ft giant, Finn McCool. Just a few miles down the road, we also stopped to brave the 65 ft long-100 ft high Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. The scenery didn't let us down. Waves crashed against the cliffs below. The hills sparkled with 40 shades of green and the sea was crystal-clear. Also, despite a possible fear of heights, I have down-graded the fear factor of walking across a rope bridge high in the air from 'extreme' to 'less-extreme'; it has been bumped by 'walking across a rope bride high in the air during high winds.' We survived, though, and enjoyed every minute of our last day in Northern Ireland. I must also mention that, with Pappy and David, we visited Nanny in the hospital. Day by day, Nanny is progressing. Please keep her in your prayers.

It is almost midnight here in Belfast and we are catching the 8am train in the morning to Galway (it's unfortunately a little more involved than it sounds). So, I am just going to post some pictures and hit the hay, or "boogie the chiwawa" as Jon's grandparents used to say when they were missionaries in Nigeria years back. (Or so I learned last night) Northern Ireland has been great to us, even though we were rained on quite a bit today. In Ireland though, the rain seems to compliment the scenery, as opposed to distract from it. ps. Thanks for all the comments! We love reading them!


Anonymous said...

great stories, great pictures.... we're anxious for more.... please

Anonymous said...


Deposited your cheques and paid your visa with the money

Stephi said...


I hope you don't mind but your Dad gave me your website and I am already addicted!! :) Love it!! Great pics!! I look forward to following your journeys and living vicariously through you!! :) Hehe. Sooooo jealous!! Have fun, Enjoy, be Safe and most important (coming from the photographer in me) take tons of pictures!!


Anonymous said...


Gald to see that you and Krusten got there safely!!!

Glad to see your gram is doing so much better

Sorry we did get to see you and Kristen before you left--Hope the rest of your trip will go as well for you both--Hi Kristen

Rhonda & Paul

Anonymous said...

Darn ....... gotta learn to do that preview before posting....sorry Kristen-- spelled your name wrong
and that was GLAD you got there okay
be safe you too--look forward to hearing about more adventures

Dad M said...

Hi Guys hope you were able to get to Salt Hill in Galway, you will be able to see things Mom and I told you about. Keep the postings comming

Anonymous said...

Hi from Horseshoe Lake: Your Mum and Dad are here with us and we were checking for updates. Your trip sounds great. Love Betsy

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and the stories. Can hardley wait for more!! Kristen pictures are getting close to your dad's by the end of the trip it will be a toss up! Xander loves the site too!! He just purred through the whole site.Take care!!
Marlene, Cliff, Jeans, Camille, Xander, George and Hugo!!